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Take the guesswork out of how to start and be successful living a ketogenic lifestyle. This kit comes with everything you need to super charge your diet with healthy fats that boost your energy and burn fat  fast. The Keto Cutie Trio Kit will be your new BFF.*









🥑Keto Pinkprint Keto Drops 1 Month Supply (2oz) 
🥑Keto Pinkprint Fat Burner Keto Slim Capsules 1 Month Supply (60 capsules)

🥑Keto Pinkprint MCT Oil Capsules 1 Month Supply (60 capsules) 
🥑FREE Keto Pinkprint-The Ultimate Girlfriends' Guide To Keto Ebook (1 digital copy a $40 value

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    🥑Early Morning- Take 10 Keto Drops and 1 MCT Oil capsule as soon as you wake up.


    🥑Morning/Lunch- Take one Keto Slim capsule and 10 Keto Drops before your first meal of the day. If you practice one meal a day (OMAD), take one Keto Slim capsule and 15 drops during the start of your day.


    🥑Before Workout/ Dinner- Take 10 Keto Drops before your workout or midday and 1 MCT Oil capsule. Take one Keto Slim capsule and 10 Keto Drops before your dinner. If you practice one meal a day (OMAD), take one Keto Slim capsule and 15 Keto Drops during early evening.


    Drink plenty of water! And choose healthy options for meals! 







    🥑Note: Allow 3-7 days for shipping. See shipping policy here



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Totes adorbs & very helpful for a newbie!

      The package came super quick and it’s so cute! 🥰 So far all the information has been very helpful. The ingredients are natural and high quality, which I’m quite particular about lol. I have a hard time taking supplements but these are not too bad (size wise) I particularly like the drops. I was able to get into ketosis in 2 days following the guidelines, tips and tricks. Crissy definitely knows what she’s talking about. But be sure to check in with your physician and do your own research as well!

      Steps your keto game up!

      I’ve done keto in the past numerous times before using the keto cutie trio and I would either quit early on be too weak to move. I kind of steered away from supplements but I decided give it a whirl. This time around I have crazy energy, my cravings are not out of control and I’m finally replacing my MCT coffee with capsule that works and tastes much better for me. These supplements make keto way easier. If you are starting keto for the first or 500th time like I did (lol) u need to give this trio a try. I reached ketosis on day 3!

      Brittani B
      You have got to try this!

      I have been taking these products for 4 full days and I am IN LOVE! Not only has it suppressed my appetite and increased my energy level but I am already down 5 pounds and have been in ketosis since day 2! I would definitely recommend these products - you get to lose weight, eat amazing food, and adopt a new healthy lifestyle. What’s not to love?!

      Ashley Parker
      The KETO CHEAT CODE!!!

      Ok so I’ve done keto a couple times and it does take dedication but Chrissy takes all the hard work out of it for you. The book breaks down keto to lamest terms and helps you with app suggestions. The supplements are top notch!! I was in ketosis in 2 days!!! They even have ketones which is awesome. That is a big deal!! if you follow the blueprint she lays out you will undoubtedly be successful in your journey and potentially lifestyle change.

      Shaun James

      I love it !! I feel
      Like the supplements are really helping